May Institute Mental Health Counseling

Category: Play Therapy, Family Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Wrap-around, Individual Counseling , Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Behavior Modification, At-Risk Families, Parenting and Family Services, Wrap Around Services, Parent Counseling, Outpatient Mental Health Counseling

Organization: May Institute

Phone: 912-432-0592

Address: 5710 Ogeechee Road, Suite 200, #280

Description: Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals whose psychiatric problems or other emotional difficulties are not severe enough to require 24-hour care but who can benefit fro...

Viewpoint Mental Health Crisis Management

Category: IC3 Services (Wrap-around services), Mood Disorder, Family Counseling, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Child/Adolescent, Wrap-around, Parent Peer Support, At-Risk Families, Parenting and Family Services, Crisis Intervention Counseling, Crisis Intervention Stabilization, Depression, Wrap Around Services

Organization: Viewpoint Care Management Entity, Lookout Mountain Care Management Entity

Phone: (678) 209-2411 (678) 221-8896

Address: 7373 Hodgson Memorial Blvd, Bldg 3, Unit C

Description: Programs that provide immediate assistance for people who are in acute emotional distress; who are or perceive themselves to be in life-threatening situations; who are a danger to themselves or to oth...