Trauma Drama Therapy

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Description: Has your child experienced a traumatic event such as physical or sexual abuse, the traumatic death of a loved one, or witnessing domestic violence? Such traumas are treatable when using evidence based Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Research indicates that TF-CBT is the most successful treatment for traumatized children. I am a Certified Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I can help your child address thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have been negatively affecting him or her. By adhering to this evidence based process, together we (parent/caretaker, child and therapist) can address trauma reminders and inaccurate or unhelpful beliefs. If your child has experienced a traumatic event and you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact me, Lorrie Rumpel, at Trauma Drama Therapy.


Main Phone: 912-660-6957,

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Service: Trauma Drama Mental Health Counseling

Category: Mental Health Counseling, Gang Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Trauma, Outpatient Mental Health Counseling

Phone: 912-660-6957

Address: 119 Dyches Drive

Description: Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services for individuals whose psychiatric problems or other emotional difficulties are not severe enough to require 24-hour care but who can benefit fro...

Ages Served: Early Childhood, School-Age, Emerging Adult

Insurance: Peach State (Medicaid/CHIP), CareSource (Medicaid/CHIP), WellCare (Medicaid/CHIP), Tri-west, Self-Pay, State-Contracted Funds, Amerigroup (pending)

Language(s): English, Telephone-Based Interpreter Services

Service Setting: In Office

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Location: Main Office

Address: 119 Dyches Drive Savannah GA 31406

Phone: 912-660-6957