Viewpoint Care Management Entity

Status: Vetting In Progress

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Description: High Fidelity Wraparound/Intensive Customized Care Coordination (IC3) creates a team with the consumer as the leader including people that already known to the family (and others we may choose together) to create one unified plan to reach your goals. Viewpoint partners the consumer to a Care Coordinator who will provide intensive in-home support, community linkages, safety and crisis planning, team building, and a customized plan of care. Additionally, the consumer is partnered with a DBHDD Certified Peer Specialist who serves as a peer support offering advocacy, education, skills building, and empowerment working towards a family vision for a healthy and successful life together. We focus on identifying and developing strengths of the youth, family, and supports to help the consumer remain with you in your own communities. Email referral form to email address located at the bottom of the referral form.


Main Phone: (678) 221-8896,

Referral Forms: Intensive-Custom-Care-Adult (4) viewpoint.docx